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Are you looking for a versatile and stylish space to host your upcoming event?
Look no further! CCK is the ideal venue for all your event needs. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a social gathering, a wedding celebration, or any other special occasion, our facility offers an adaptable environment to bring your vision to life.
Venue Rental

Facility Features:

Our venue boasts multiple spaces that can be customized to suit events of all sizes and styles. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, we can accommodate it all.
CCK is equipped with high-speed internet access, and professional sound systems, ensuring your event runs seamlessly.
Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose with 101 and 880 just blocks away.
Our team of event professionals is dedicated to making your event a success. They will assist you in every step of the planning process, from initial concept to execution, ensuring your event is memorable and stress-free.
If you desire, we can connect you with reputable catering who can curate a delectable menu to suit your preferences and dietary requirements. We also can put you in contact with our DJ’s and Live Band Partners who can help with any musical preferences.
CCK offers ample parking spaces for the convenience of your guests, making it hassle-free for everyone to attend.
Whether you want a sleek and contemporary look or a more traditional ambiance, our venue can be decorated to match your unique style and theme.

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Ed Carpio

CEO/Chief Instructor

Former National Lightweight San Shou Champion

Unlike many fighters who start training in martial arts at a very young age, Ed wasn’t introduced to the sport until the age of 21. He got his first taste of martial arts training under Cung Le as one of Cung’s first students in Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing). Cung saw the potential in Ed to become successful on the Lei Tai – a raised platform in which Sanshou matches are held and motivated Ed to train hard and compete.

One of the quotes he’ll always remember from his coach is, “It’s not how long you’ve been training; it’s what you do with your time.” One year later and 30 pounds lighter, Ed won his first title in Phoenix and also went on to capture the Amateur Light Weight Sanshou title in 1996.

After achieving success at Nationals, Ed focused his energy on private and group kickboxing training within corporate company facilities. He loved the natural high that training gave him, but it was even more rewarding when he was able to teach others to feel the same. For several years, Ed helped build the San Jose training facility and USH fight team.

His coaching style opened people’s eyes to the fighting world by training his students like fighters, even if they never intended to step into the ring. With the success of the San Jose gym, Ed and Cung decided it was time to expand.

They opened Cardiozone Inc. in Santa Clara, a sister location to the home base in San Jose, with Ed as Head Coach he went on to breed his own successful fighters and at the same time, train individuals to achieve personal physical fitness goals.

To broaden his knowledge base and strengthen his throwing abilities which San Shou demanded, he joined Judo at San Jose State. In Judo, competitors are allowed to use their hands without having to worry about getting punched and kicked.

Since Ed was already a San Shou fighter, he was use to throwing with gloves on while blocking punches and kicks. Consequently, Judo came naturally to him and he dominated at the CCSF Judo Invitational.

Though Ed enjoyed training in Judo, he missed San Shou and the ability to strike his opponent. After extensive time off from the fighting scene, Ed stepped back into the ring at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

His plan was to train hard, fight, and then finally retire. The challenge was set and the battle was fought, however, by split decision Ed fell shy of a win. This was Ed’s first fight in front of his students and he couldn’t accept retiring with a loss.

Motivated by the goal to win a fight in front of his students, he continued training, and now before all of his students, stepped back into the ring at The Born to Fight III Sanshou Shootout in his hometown, San Jose, CA.

As main event, Ed didn’t disappoint his supporters — he landed a lead right hook that dropped his opponent for a standing 8 count. The fight ended with a unanimous decision in his favor – Ed dominated his fight and accomplished his goal to fight victoriously in front of his students.

If you want to finally achieve your fitness goals, or are interested in competing, training at Condition and Competition Kickboxing will only lead to positive results. Many have already seen great results training under Coach Ed and his amazing team so it’s now time for you to do the same.

Join him and others at Condition and Competition Kickboxing.